Operation Points of Inorganic Fiber Spraying Insulation Project

, raw material appearance quality inspection before construction, should be sprayed fiber cotton and adhesive sampling inspection, fiber cotton should be dry without agglomeration, white without dirt, adhesive should be no stratification, no foaming, no deterioration and discoloration; 2. Spraying base surface treatment (1) and spraying base surface treatment: clean up dust and dirt on spraying base surface with compressed air or clean water; Check whether hangers and embedded parts are secure, loose parts should be fastened, such as the original base surface has been damaged or there are serious cracks, should be repaired first. (2), the doors and windows and various equipment, pipelines and non-spraying parts of the protective block, blocking fee spraying parts and ventilation pipeline through hole. (3) Clean up the obstacles on the working surface, ensure the smooth movement space and safety of the spraying hand, and maintain the best spraying distance and spraying angle. 3. Material preparation and debugging (1), break up the compressed fiber cotton, continuously fill the sprayed cotton into the spraying machine, and keep the fiber material in the material box sufficient. (2) A special person shall be responsible for diluting the adhesive stock solution with clean water in a professional matching container (a 200-liter graduated plastic container equipped with a high-speed stirrer) according to the instructions for spraying the adhesive. The preparation ratio shall be strictly controlled, and the water dilution shall not be increased at will. The electric stirrer shall be continuously started for uniform stirring. The stirring time shall not be less than 5 minutes. Each barrel shall be prepared one by one, and prepared as required to avoid freezing and failure. 4. Pre-spraying primer on the surface of the base layer: after the surface of the base layer is cleaned, the prepared spraying adhesive can be used to pre-spray glue on the base surface, and the glue amount is appropriate and uniform without flowing.


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Advantages and USES of sound-absorbing cotton: 1.100% environmentally friendly products, 100% recyclable; 2. Strong, easy to use and tasteless, waterproof, moisture-proof, good air permeability, easy to process, can be made into various shapes according to different needs.

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