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ceramic fiber paper

products include: ceramic fiber loose cotton, needlepunted blanket, module, fire board, backing board, high-density board, vacuum forming special-shaped parts, fiber paper, fiber textile, fiber press-in repair material, fiber surface coating, cement, adhesive, fiber curing agent and other products

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Ceramic fiber loose cotton, needle blanket, module


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Product Description

Product Description:
Ceramic Fiber Paper is made by using special ceramic fiber cotton on a special production line designed according to the characteristics of porcelain fiber on the basis of traditional papermaking process, through the processes of slag removal treatment, pulp mixing, vacuum suction filtration, rolling shaping, drying and cutting.
Low Thermal Conductivity
Excellent Thermal Insulation
Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance
High Tensile Strength
No Asbestos
Excellent Machinability
Accurate and Uniform Product Thickness
Heat insulation, sealing, safety protection in industrial field,
civil heat insulation and electric heat, heater heat insulation, electric
sub-instrument heat insulation
automobile engine heat insulation
product performance:

Typical applications:
TEC ceramic bulk fibers can also be directly used as high temperature fill and packing material in avariety of high temper ature applications, such as:. Expansion joint Burner tile packing· Furnace base seals. Chimney insulation
Product characteristics:
TEC Ceramic bulk fiber are typically used in the manufacture of other ceramic fiber based productforms as:
Ceramic fiber board, felt.
Riser sleeves for molten metal coating
Tap out cones for molten metal applications., Specialized vacuum-formed shapes.

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