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refractory cement

products include: ceramic fiber loose cotton, needlepunted blanket, module, fire board, backing board, high-density board, vacuum forming special-shaped parts, fiber paper, fiber textile, fiber press-in repair material, fiber surface coating, cement, adhesive, fiber curing agent and other products

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Ceramic fiber loose cotton, needle blanket, module

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Product Description

Product Description:
This cement is usually supplied in wet ready-to-use barrels.
This cement is made of several refractory raw materials with different particle size gradation, adding special binders and additives.
TEC- 180 fiber binder: using refractory powder, high temperature ceramic fiber as the main raw material, with organic and inorganic binder mixed, for ceramic fiber blanket special binder. It can also be used as a binder for ceramic fiber boards and products, and the products do not contain chemical components that are harmful to ceramic fibers.
TEC-1650A,1760A are air-hardened cement, which can be dried naturally in the air and is mainly used for bonding fiber products. The bonding of light refractory bricks can be TEC-1650A used for light bricks of grade 23, 26 and 28, while TEC- 1760 is used for light bricks of grade 28 or above.
TEC- 1650H is a hot hard cement, which needs to be heated to give full play to its maximum strength. It is specially designed for bonding between fiber products and pasting the veneer block on the furnace wall. A special mastic designed and formulated on the top.
Good Construction Performance
High Bonding Strength
Small Drying Shrinkage
Good Chemical Erosion Resistance
Special Adhesive for Fiber Modules and Fiber Products
Light Refractory Brick Adhesive
Ordinary Refractory Brick Adhesive
Packaging and Delivery Method:
High Temperature Mastic is ready-to-use in wet state and is packaged in 30Kg, 20kg or 5kg barrels.
The above data are representative averages and fluctuate with production conditions.
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Typical applications:
TEC ceramic bulk fibers can also be directly used as high temperature fill and packing material in avariety of high temper ature applications, such as:. Expansion joint Burner tile packing· Furnace base seals. Chimney insulation
Product characteristics:
TEC Ceramic bulk fiber are typically used in the manufacture of other ceramic fiber based productforms as:
Ceramic fiber board, felt.
Riser sleeves for molten metal coating
Tap out cones for molten metal applications., Specialized vacuum-formed shapes.

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