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Ceramic Fiber Blanket

products include: ceramic fiber loose cotton, needlepunted blanket, module, fire board, backing board, high-density board, vacuum forming special-shaped parts, fiber paper, fiber textile, fiber press-in repair material, fiber surface coating, cement, adhesive, fiber curing agent and other products

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Ceramic fiber loose cotton, needle blanket, module


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Thermaitec "TEC series ceramic fiber blanket products cover a full range of ceramic fiber blanket products with temperature levels ranging from 1260 degrees to 1600 degrees, and some products are subdivided according to market needs. To meet different use environments and customer economic needs. All products use a high density of double-sided needle punching process, reasonable control of process parameters, so that the product has a high tensile strength at the same time, to ensure the softness of the blanket, large slag ball content control, to ensure that the fiber volume ratio, so that the product has a high resilience. Proprietary technology ensures that the product has a low horizontal direction and a high thickness direction of
TEC- 1260 ceramic fiber blanket is made of natural calcined kaolin as raw material, after melting, spinning. Double-sided needling process.
TEC. -HP ceramic fiber blanket is produced with high purity synthetic raw materials, and the alumina content of the product is increased, so that the high temperature shrinkage of the product is smaller, the pulverization speed is lower, and the reliability of high temperature use is better.
TEC-LZ ceramic fiber blanket is made of imported zircon sand, calcined alumina and high-purity quartz sand. The introduction of zirconium component improves the starting temperature of pulverization, reduces the speed of pulverization, and increases the service temperature of the product to 1100- 1200 degrees.
TEC- 1430 ceramic fiber blanket is prepared with imported zircon sand, calcined alumina and high-purity quartz sand. The process parameters are reasonably controlled to make the blanket have low slag ball content, small slag ball diameter, soft blanket, and good resilience. The optimized composition ratio and process ensure that the product has a lower permanent linear shrinkage in all aspects, and the operating temperature reaches 1200-1300 degrees.
TEC- 1500 ceramic fiber blanket uses calcined alumina and high-purity quartz sand as the main raw materials, and introduces chromium components, which greatly delays the pulverization speed of the fiber. Under the same high-temperature use conditions, the pulverization speed is much lower than TEC- 1430 products, thus the maximum use temperature can reach 1350 degrees.
Chemical Industry High Temperature Reaction Equipment and Heating Equipment Lining
Industrial Kiln Furnace Lining High Temperature Pipe Wall Lining Insulation
Boiler Insulation, nuclear power plant heat insulation
glass kiln top heat insulation
high-rise building fire insulation
sealed heat insulation for household heat facilities
needle blankets with different capacities and thicknesses provide users with a wide range of material selection, in order to obtain the best heat insulation structure and energy-saving benefits,
silk-throwing fiber blanket does not use any binder to ensure that the product has good reliability and stability in various environments.
fiber length is long.
slag ball is separated during production, so that the content of fiber blanket slag ball is low.
fiber volume ratio is high.
Excellent thermal stability and chemical stability.
Low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity,
excellent tensile strength, no delamination
excellent resilience good sound absorption
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Typical applications:
TEC ceramic bulk fibers can also be directly used as high temperature fill and packing material in avariety of high temper ature applications, such as:. Expansion joint Burner tile packing· Furnace base seals. Chimney insulation
Product characteristics:
TEC Ceramic bulk fiber are typically used in the manufacture of other ceramic fiber based productforms as:
Ceramic fiber board, felt.
Riser sleeves for molten metal coating
Tap out cones for molten metal applications., Specialized vacuum-formed shapes.

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