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Sola soluble fiber cotton

products include: ceramic fiber loose cotton, needlepunted blanket, module, fire board, backing board, high-density board, vacuum forming special-shaped parts, fiber paper, fiber textile, fiber press-in repair material, fiber surface coating, cement, adhesive, fiber curing agent and other products

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Ceramic fiber loose cotton, needle blanket, module


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Product Description

Product Description:
San Nosora Soluble Fiber Cotton is Si02-Mg0- CaO Refractory Fiber Cotton. San Nuo Sola soluble fiber conforms to the EU's biodegradable regulations Directive 9769/EC
San Nuo Sola soluble fiber cotton is a semi-component of SI02 MgO- ca0 series so that the fiber is not invaded by aluminum liquid and aluminum alloy liquid.
Health and Safety Information :
According to EU 97/69EC Regulations, the semi-component of soluble brewing in Japan and the United States "People Far Glass Jie I Silicon Gap Yi I Rape Pile Sealed Metal. And the weight content of the metal is 18s * large, soluble, and the chemical composition of the test is in line with the far self.
Refer to "Material Safety Manual" (MSDS)
Product Performance Index :
Chemical Composition,
si02: 61%- 67%
ca0: 27%- 33%
mg0: 2%- 7%
average pile: diameter (microns)3to5
cone index. 55% - 60%
application :
fire-resistant brick wall expansion joint filling
45 vacuum forming plate, special-shaped part raw material
fiber swimming material. Fiber castable raw material
high temperature fiber paper, felt raw material

Typical applications:
TEC ceramic bulk fibers can also be directly used as high temperature fill and packing material in avariety of high temper ature applications, such as:. Expansion joint Burner tile packing· Furnace base seals. Chimney insulation
Product characteristics:
TEC Ceramic bulk fiber are typically used in the manufacture of other ceramic fiber based productforms as:
Ceramic fiber board, felt.
Riser sleeves for molten metal coating
Tap out cones for molten metal applications., Specialized vacuum-formed shapes.

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