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ceramic fiber textile

products include: ceramic fiber loose cotton, needlepunted blanket, module, fire board, backing board, high-density board, vacuum forming special-shaped parts, fiber paper, fiber textile, fiber press-in repair material, fiber surface coating, cement, adhesive, fiber curing agent and other products

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Ceramic fiber loose cotton, needle blanket, module


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Product Description

Continuous use temperature:
Glass filament reinforced: 650 ℃
Stainless steel wire reinforced: 1050 ℃
Product description:
Industrial high temperature resistant textiles include Yarn, cloth, belt, twisted rope, packing, sleeve, coated fabric and other types of technical textiles, it is made of ceramic fiber, alkali-free expanded glass fiber, high silica fiber, pre-oxidized fiber and other materials through special processing technology, and is widely used in heat insulation, heat preservation, sealing and other fields.
has excellent high temperature resistance
low heat capacity
low bulk density
thermal shock resistance
chemical corrosion resistance
easy construction
typical application:
large area industrial heat insulation, heat preservation, fire protection and coated cloth
coated cloth
heat preservation and heat insulation fields, such as flexible expansion joints, equipment heat preservation, etc.; Protection fields such as welding spark cloth, fire blanket and other' building fire prevention fields such as fire prevention and smoke prevention, smoke exhaust duct
composite aluminum foil cloth
safety protection articles, heat insulation clothing, industrial heat insulation and fire prevention fields
industrial heat insulation, pipe and cable coating, heat radiation shielding, high temperature furnace door curtain, bolt flange connection, friction enhancement material and other
twisted rope
high temperature pipe heat insulation and sealed, cable insulation coating, coke oven, cracking furnace heat insulation, electric furnace, oven and other furnace door sealing, boiler, high temperature gas seal and other
various high temperature furnaces and boilers are sealed in heat insulation, burner sealing, heat exchanger, furnace car sealing, kiln flue heat insulation sealing, high temperature valve and pump sealing and other
high temperature resistant insulated wires and cables, high temperature tube coating
product performance index:

Typical applications:
TEC ceramic bulk fibers can also be directly used as high temperature fill and packing material in avariety of high temper ature applications, such as:. Expansion joint Burner tile packing· Furnace base seals. Chimney insulation
Product characteristics:
TEC Ceramic bulk fiber are typically used in the manufacture of other ceramic fiber based productforms as:
Ceramic fiber board, felt.
Riser sleeves for molten metal coating
Tap out cones for molten metal applications., Specialized vacuum-formed shapes.

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